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On this site you can find information about our school, programmes, teachers and all the important documents under the links. Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address or the telephone number below. Have fun on the site and good luck. We look forward to having you contacted.

Our school is the biggest and the most comprehensive school of our town and has been operating as an individual school since 1985. Our community is comprised of 866 students and 114 employees. Our institution is a complex school with separate departments for primary education, secondary education and for students with special needs. In our secondary grammar school students can specialise in foreign languages, Biology and Information Technology. The primary aim of our teaching staff is to cater for all educational needs, ranging from helping students with lower academic achievements to fostering talents, doing it all in a child-centred way.

Our school provides a multifaceted pedagogical activity and has been awarded with multiple awards, some of the major ones: European Quality Label, International School title, Eco-friendly school, Accredited Excellent Talent School.

Our main goal is to provide our students with such academic knowledge, linguistic and digital skills that enable them to successfully continue their studies in further education and gain sustainable knowledge and skills. Hence, when entering the labour market they will prove successful and will have acquired the internal motivation for lifelong learning, ensuring their sustainable development. Our school has a dynamic teaching staff involved in a number of projects both at regional and international levels.

„Respecting traditions and giving ground to new ideas and practices” – This is the principle our school operates on and will do so in the future.
This principle is further reinforced by the multiple Erasmus+ projects our institution has taken part in. We have participated in European projects for over 10 years and have implemented various projects both for teacher trainings and Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. Thanks to the Programme, our school is in close contact with 8-10 European educational institutions every year and our students can take part in student exchange programmes in a great number.

The community of the school maintain fruitful and widespread bilateral relationship with many local- and country based cultural institutions, to name some: Hamvas Béla Local Library, Matrica Museum, Matrica Museum Archeological Park, MÜPA, Budapet Opera House.